1. Why should I choose GNS group shipping services over direct shipping?
Unlike direct delivery, group shipping services gather orders from multiple senders/sellers and repackage them as one shipment. A third party logistic company takes charge of delivery within Hong Kong. Fill out GNS domestic warehouse as recipient address, then orders will be packed as one shipment. After weighing and calculating rates in GNS domestic transit station, shipments are sent to designated address.
2. What is group shipping? What are the benefits?
Group shipping is a service that manages to repackage orders in our transit station, then send to Hong Kong as one shipment. Shipment cost reduces significantly comparing to ship packages separately. Just simply access our website and enjoy fast group shipping experience.
3. How to group ship my online purchases to Hong Kong?
Become a GNS member and fill out domestic transit station as recipient address. After receiving shipment confirmation from sellers/senders, enter order tracking number on GNS website to claim it. Once your order arrives at our domestic transit station, an email notification will be sent. Login to GNS system anytime for the latest updates or request a group shipping. A group shipment number will be generated for your future references.
4. How to set GNS domestic transit station as my recipient address on Taobao?
Login to your Taobao account, then click account name on upper left corner
1. Click “Edit My Account”
2. Click “Mailing Address”
3. Select region: 廣東省 深圳市 寶安區 西鄉街道
Address: 西部開發區寶安交警大隊旁九華科技園(集運王中轉站) + Your Name + Your Cell Phone # or GNS Register #
Postal Code: 518128
Recipient Name: Your Name
Cell Phone Number: 18719065448
Check “Set as default mailing address”
Click “Save”
5. How can I get details for my online orders such as tracking number and logistic company name?
Tracking number and company name are shown under section “Order Information” once you order is shipped.
6. Are there any fees for setting GNS as the recipient and signing my packages? Is shipment cost from seller/sender to GNS domestic transit station covered?
There are no extra fees for assigning GNS to sign and receive your orders.
Please consult seller/sender for shipment cost to GNS domestic transit station.
GNS does not pay on behalf of others.
7. Can I send my orders to GNS domestic transit station through regular mail or pay on delivery?
GNS does not pickup packages from other logistic companies.
GNS domestic transit station does not accept regular mails, orders with no tracking number/ tracking references or any package pay on delivery.
8. Can I provide information other than tracking number to claim my orders?
GNS only accepts orders with a corresponding tracking number. Orders with no tracking number are not acceptable or qualified for group shipping to HK.
9. What if the seller only provides one tracking number for multiple orders?
In case of the number of tracking numbers and the actual number of orders do not conform, GNS accepts orders with corresponding tracking number only.
For your own conveniences, please consult sellers/senders for tracking numbers for all purchases.
10.What if the seller only provides one tracking number for multiple orders?
In case of the number of tracking numbers and the actual number of orders do not conform, GNS accepts orders with corresponding tracking number only.
For your own conveniences, please consult sellers/senders for tracking numbers for all purchases.
11. What is the limit of packages combined in one group shipment?
There is no upper limit for combining orders in one group shipping request.
12. What is the cut off time for group shipping request?
“7pm Monday – Friday
No group shipping on the weekend or public holidays.
13. How long does it take to ship my order to HK?
“Industrial/commercial property 1-2 business days
Non-industrial/commercial property 2-3 business days
* Customs clearance procedure days are not considered as business days.
*Remote areas exclude.
14. Does GNS deliver my shipment to doorstep if I live in a condo?
It depends on the driver assigned and parking condition. GNS take delivery to doorstep as preferred. As for the address in a no-elevator building or on a no-elevator floor, extra fees will apply for delivery to doorstep and the following restrictions apply:
Weight: Maximum weight is 10KG per package. Maximum total weight is 50KG.
Size: Length + Width + Height ≦ 120CM. Maximum length for each side is 60CM.
A 30.00HKD per package per floor delivery fee will apply to orders under the restrictions above.
15. How to calculate shipment weight?
Rates are calculated under 2 factors: actual weight and volumetric weight. The volumetric weight is calculated and compared with the actual weight of the shipment to ascertain which is greater; the higher weight is used to calculate the shipment cost, except for:

1. Shipments in a plastic package with an actual weight under 2KG (e.g. clothes, toys, etc.) are charged based on actual weight.
2. If the difference between actual weight and volumetric weight is over 2KG, shipments are charged based on actual weight.

Note: The volumetric weight is a calculation that reflects the density of a package.
Volumetric weight(KG) = Length(L) (cm) X Width(w) (cm) X Height(H) (cm) / 6000.

16. How can I pay my shipping fee?
Shipment fee is calculated automatically when a group shipment is requested online. You can choose one of the following payment methods:
Credit Card: In HKD (3% service fee applies, automatic review)
PayPal: In HKD (3% service fee applies, automatic review)
Pay on delivery: In HKD (Only apply to certain pickup centres. Do not apply to delivery.)
Bank transfer: In HKD (E-transfer, automatic review)
Alipay: In RMB (Manual review)
**Please refer Terms of Use for details**
17. How to calculate the volumetric weight?
The volumetric weight is a calculation that is used to compare with the actual weight of a shipment. The higher weight is used to calculate the shipment cost. For shipments with large volume and light weight, shipment cost is charged based on volumetric weight.
The computing method is
Volumetric weight(KG) = Length(L) (cm) X Width(w) (cm) X Height(H) (cm) / 6000.

Please inquire sellers about package size and customer services about prohibited article terms before placing your order online.

18. What articles are prohibited from GNS group shipping?
The articles that are prohibited by GNS group shipping services including:
1. Powder, liquid and disc
2. High value/ large number of electrical appliances
3. Drugs or any appliances
4. Control tools, stun guns and replica guns
5. Living animal, plants, seeds or any related products such as medicine and specimen
6. Any article of an infringement of trademarks, copyrights, intellectual property rights, political propagandas or indecent goods
7. Any article of an inflammable, corrosive, poisonous, explosive, radioactive or other dangerous goods
8. Fragile goods (GNS do not accept liability for any damage or loss for such articles.)
9. Cash, value-added tax receipts or any other tax receipt, marketable securities, valuable goods, antiques, calligraphy and painting or precious metal
10. Export commodity residue, luxuries or counterfeits (GNS shall not be liable for any damage or loss for any counterfeits.)
11. Any prohibited articles or controlled imports regulated by Hong Kong customs and international customs enforcement, such as food, medicine, cigarettes, E-cigarette and E-liquid.
12.  Articles that do not meet regulations under the Laws of Hong Kong, Law of the People’s Republic of China on Product Quality, Law of the People’s Republic of China on the Protection of Consumer Rights and Interests or any other administrative regulations.
19. Can I return the orders that already signed and received by GNS domestic transit station? Can I request a refund or cancellation after submitting my shipment request?
Contact GNS customer service to request a return before shipment arriving customs. Shipment cost for returning order to sender/seller will apply to the client. Cancellations or refunds are not allowed once group shipping procedure completes.
20. Can I pay my shipment fee after it arrives in HK?
Pay on delivery service applies to certain GNS pickup centres. Please refer price chart for more details.
21. What if the tracking number provided by seller/sender is wrong?
Please consult seller/sender for the correct tracking number. GNS only accept orders with tracking number.
22. How long can I store my shipment in GNS pickup centres/ domestic transit station?
Orders must be claimed in 90 days since its arrival to GNS domestic transit station. Starting from the 91st day, GNS shall have all rights to dispose of orders without notification or compensation.
Orders are free to store in pickup centres in HK for 3 or 7 business days, excluding the arrival day.
Starting from the 4th or 8th day, shipments may be returned to GNS Logistic Centre(荃灣). A transfer fee of 50HKD and a storage fee of 20HKD per day will apply.
Note: Free storage period in GNS Pickup Centres is 3 or 7 business days. Please check Shipment Pickup Noticehttp://www.groupnship.com/gns/提貨須知/for more details.
23. When can I claim my order on GNS website?
Claim your orders online once seller/sender provide you with a tracking number. You can even claim it before it arrives at GNS transit station!
Pairing starts immediately after the order arrives. Order status will be updated within 4-8 hours during business hours. There might be delays on peak seasons or holidays.
24. Does GNS transit station remove packaging and inspect?
GNS does not provide product inspection services. GNS will randomly check orders that are requested for group shipping. Articles will not be shipped if it prohibits Terms of Use.
25. How can I keep track of my shipment? Will GNS send me a pickup notification?
Login to GNS website to check shipment information and latest updates for your shipment.
A ready-to-pickup notification will be sent to your email and cell phone.
26.No information is shown on GNS website after my order is shipped/ I have already claimed my order. What should I do?
.There might be several reasons for absence of order information in GNS system:
• An invalid tracking number is entered. (**Please note: Do not leave space between numbers.)
• Seller provides the wrong tracking number. (It happens!)
• Another tracking number is generated by the logistic company without notifying seller/sender or receiver. Please double check with seller/sender.
• Barcode is damaged. A deviation is created while scanning the barcode.
• Order just arrived. Order status will be updated in 8 hours.
• Seller/sender fills out wrong recipient address.
27.Cannot pickup your shipment that already arrives in HK?
Shipments are sorted in GNS Logistics Centre (荃灣) by regions then out for delivery. For transportation reasons, it might take more than 1 day for delivery to certain pickup centres. All shipments are ready for pickup within 3 business days.
28.How to get more G coins?
G coin is a reward to GNS members. Gain G coins in the following ways:
1. Register to be a GNS member and get 200 FREE G coins.
2. Use group shipping services. G coins will be rewarded accordingly.
29. How should I use G coins? Can I pay with G coins?
G coins can be used to deduct group shipment cost. 50 G coins count as 1 HKD or RMB. 250 G coins are the minimum redeem level. The number of redeemable G coins will be shown when you check out. Just simply enter the amount of G coin you wish to redeem.
30.Will my G coins expire?
G coins can be accumulated. Please note G coins expire every year on December 31st. Expired G coins are invalid.
** Please refer http://www.groupnship.com/CusVoteCase.php for more details.